No News and Moving On

I have no news from query-land…or at least no news that worth getting excited about.  Just a pile of rejections that’s to be expected and I’m still waiting to hear back from a bunch of others.  I knew this would be hard and it would take a long time, but… *sigh*


The writing continues while I wait, because if I don’t stay busy I will go insane.  Not only that, but I can’t improve in the craft if I don’t practice.  My goal is to always be in a state of actual writing or revision/editing, otherwise I’m stagnant and that wastes time.  So, I’ve been pretty busy.  In the past two months I’ve revised my two other finished novels (they still need readers and more editing) and started writing a new one.  I also have ideas and notes going on yet another new story, so I’m happy that new ideas are still flowing.

Waiting and working.  That’s my life right now.