Recent Reads

I’ve read a few good books lately, interestingly enough they are both non-fiction.  I’ll read pretty much anything, but non-fiction is not a common genre for me.  Anyway, here are my thoughts on both:

On Writing by, Stephen King
This is a combination memoir/tips on writing book written by Stephen King.  I thought it was excellent, especially the writing tips, they were all well explained and useful (good for someone like me who has an interest in writing).  This is, in fact, the first full length book by Stephen King I’ve ever read.  I’ve only read a single novella by him in the past.  His style is not really my style, but I liked this book.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by, Aron Ralston
Another memoir, but this time by a less well known person, although you’ve probably heard his story before.  Aron Ralston is famous for cutting off his own hand when he got it stuck by a boulder while hiking in Utah.  This book is about that experience in his own words along with additional details about his other adventures.  Sometimes books like this aren’t particularly well written but this one was pretty good, although a bit slow in the beginning.  I would still recommend it, his story is a good one.


My Quilt page has been added, that took…way too long.  Working on WordPress is harder then just coding the dang site myself.  Oh well.

I’m going to continue working tonight on the remainder of my Quilting Bee pages, but some of those are going to be a lot of work to finish.  I’m not looking forward to it.  In addition I will be relocating my Book List here from my domain.  Pretty much everything else I’m going to leave behind.  I’m keeping it simple here, people!

Header Updated

After repeated struggles I finally updated the header at the top of the site.  It features a photo I took of some of my favorite dolls in my collection and their cute feet.

What I really wanted was a pixel header like I used to have on my domain, but something always got messed up when I uploaded it.  WordPress wants a specific size, so I did that, but it was still resized thus compromising the image and distorting it.  This was extremely frustrating.  In the end I gave up on a pixel image and opted for a photograph, a photograph takes to resizing better then a pixel image and still looks fine.

All I know is I didn’t want to continue using the default image.  I liked the photos included but they weren’t mine nor did they have anything to do with me which made them and the site feel too impersonal.  I’m satisfied now. :P

New Blog!

Yay, new blog!  I’m in the process of moving my blog (although I’m not much of an actual blogger) and other website related items to this site, soon to be from the domain  I decided my days of owning a personal domain are over, I really don’t use it enough to justify the cost, so I’m off to wordpress…and here I am.

This site is still in a serious state of disorganization.  I’m slowly getting stuff uploaded here and *hopefully* by the end of February I will have it mostly/all done and ready for my domain to shut down.

I own the domain until October but the hosting runs out at the end of February.  I don’t want to pay for more hosting so I’m just going to let it all expire.  It’s kind of a relief to be honest.  I mostly use Facebook and Flickr these days so it’s no major loss to me.  WordPress appears to have the capacity to serve my needs just fine.

Mostly I want a place to keep my Quilting Bee Quilt, that will be the the first area I focus on moving over here and getting organized as quickly as possible.  I’ve got some other stuff to put here as well.  As far as the blogging goes…whether or not I actually blog more then I used to remains to be seen, LOL!

More later… ;)