Second Manuscript

I did some major revisions on my finished manuscript and a few readers and taken a look at it for me, four have read it and three others have it available to them but they haven’t read it yet.  So far the feedback has been positive and the suggestions helpful.  I know right now what I think the weakest part is, I just need some time to think on how to fix it.  Setting it aside has been good, I put it away for a few weeks before doing the major revisions and that helped me look at it in a more objective and less emotional way.  I’ve also put it away since doing the major revisions, I haven’t looked at it for about a month, and I don’t plan on working on it again until I hear back from a few more of my readers.  It’s out of sight, but not out of mind necessarily.

In the meantime I’ve been working on my second manuscript…which really came first, but I never finished it.  Progress on this work is a lot slower for a number of reasons (lack of routine due to it being summer, more complicated story, and the idea not being completely worked out in my mind yet).  I should still be able to complete the first draft in a few months…but I won’t be done then because this story is long enough that it will probably take two books to tell it all.  Right now I have down about 35,000 words.

The second attempt at finishing a manuscript isn’t any easier than finishing the first one.  I’m not sure it ever gets easier, I just have to sit my butt down each day and write, it’s the only way it gets done.  That’s not to say it isn’t fun and rewarding, because it is, but it’s not easy.  My confidence level seems to fluctuate all the time to, I’m constantly swinging between questioning my work to feeling totally pleased with it…all the time.  Is that normal?  I’m trying to be realistic, because I know my work isn’t terrible, but I also know it will never be perfect (there will always be something I can improve) so I’m trying not to dump on myself or get overly confident.  I’m trying my best to stay calmly in between.