Crochet Square

I made this crochet square yesterday, it was my first time attempting the pattern so I know there are errors:

Crochet Square

It looks cool but I have no idea what to do with it now, haha. :P


Header Updated

After repeated struggles I finally updated the header at the top of the site.  It features a photo I took of some of my favorite dolls in my collection and their cute feet.

What I really wanted was a pixel header like I used to have on my domain, but something always got messed up when I uploaded it.  WordPress wants a specific size, so I did that, but it was still resized thus compromising the image and distorting it.  This was extremely frustrating.  In the end I gave up on a pixel image and opted for a photograph, a photograph takes to resizing better then a pixel image and still looks fine.

All I know is I didn’t want to continue using the default image.  I liked the photos included but they weren’t mine nor did they have anything to do with me which made them and the site feel too impersonal.  I’m satisfied now. :P