Revamped Projects Page

I updated my website a bit and tweaked my “Projects” page to offer up a bit more information on my manuscripts and the stages they’re in.  Included are brief blurbs about the books that are completed to at least the first draft stage.  Mostly I did this to satisfy the curiosity for a few friends who wants to know more details.


Busy Nothings

I really want to update this blog at least once a month at the very minimum.  Obviously, I’m barely keeping up.  And it not like it’s that hard!

Unfortunately I don’t have much to say.  I did rewrite the query letter for my first book and sent it out to a new group of agents, but nothing is happening in that department.  I’m trying my best not to get depressed about this.  It is what it is and all I can do is keep trying.  Honestly, I never thought I’d get this far, so I’ve accomplished a lot in the last few years to get to this point.

In the meantime, I’m editing my other rough draft novels like crazy.  The good news is I’m pretty sure one of them will be ready to query in the next few months, I feel really good about it so far.  The bad news is the other one needs a ton more work and I haven’t felt any inspiration lately on ways to improve it.  So it’s kind of sitting on the side until I get the courage up to get it out again and see what I think.

It’s Spring Break so I’m taking a tiny vacation from writing for a week while I consider my options for all my various projects.  My plan is to spend a little time in the next few days revamping a few sections of this website to offer up a bit more information on my writing projects.