Manuscript #5…The Follow-Up

In my last blog post I said I wanted to finish my WIP by the end of the month.  Well, I finished it last night.


It’s a 42,000 word MG contemporary novel.  Now, I’m back to revisions (after I take a little break) and I will be updating my projects page to reflect more accurate info about the state of my manuscripts.


Manuscript #5

Back in July, I started a new WIP.  This is new territory for me, it’s a Middle Grade Contemporary.  Up to this point I’ve only written Young Adult, and none of it was even close to contemporary.  I can honestly say it’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever written, but the challenge has been great and it begged to be told so I’m glad to get it down on the computer screen.  My current word count on the sloppy first draft is 30,000 words.  My goal is to finish it by the end of the month.

Then I need to give a previous MS  more attention.  I’d hoped to be querying it by now, but I’ve decided it needs more revision before it’s ready for that.  I did query it a little during the summer (very little) and entered it in a few contests.  While I did get some interest in the concept, there’s still some plot points that need clarification.  It stinks to pull it from querying for now, but I hope when I’m done with this revision it will shine and generate even more interest.  Here’s to hoping anyway.