2014 Reflections, 2015 Goals

I’m happy to say I accomplished all of my goals for 2014:

  • Continue querying my first MS after rewriting the query.  I rewrote the query and it was the best version yet, but after a few additional months of querying with no response whatsoever, MS #1 has been shelved.  I’m okay with this…moving on to other projects.  And just because it’s shelved doesn’t mean it’s dead.  I may just need to wait until there’s a better market for it (some minor feedback from agents I did get suggests this was their major issue for not requesting to see more, so I can wait).
  • Revise two manuscripts–done.  However, only one felt query ready.  I sent it out a little, got one full request for it that resulted in rejection.  Then I decided it needed more revision, so both manuscripts are still in the working stages.
  • Finish a new MS–also done.  This goal was an on-the-side goal if I had time.  It turns out I did have time and I got it done.
  • Continue keeping a writing journal–no problem.
  • Regular exercise–check.

My goals for this year are pretty similar, but I want to query a lot more so the focus will be getting multiple manuscripts to the querying stage:

  • Finish my planned revisions on Time Guardian (YA romance/sci-fi) and get it back out there into query land by spring.
  • Massive revisions on my new MS, The Hoard Life (MG contemporary).  Get it into the hands of a few CPs in the spring/summer and try to to have it query-ready by the end of the year (earlier, if I can manage it…I think I can).  Query this one extensively, especially if I have no luck with my earlier MS.
  • Continue revisions on The Mystic Road (MG fantasy).  I think I can also get this one query-ready, then it can wait its turn if the others don’t work out.
  • Writing a new MS isn’t a priority this year, although if I find I have the inspiration and the time, I have no problem starting one.  Even if I don’t start a new one, I would like to take some time to flesh out ideas I have rattling around in my brain and outline a few plots to consider for later.
  • Continue keeping a writing journal.  I find this really helpful to keep me on track.
  • Continue exercising regularly.  Not only is this good for the body, but it helps clear and focus my mind.  Also, keep up with the new menu I’ve been using for the past few months that seems to be helping a lot–more whole foods, less processed foods, and be aware of portions and snacking.

Happy New Year to all, let’s make 2015 great!