Officially Querying

I kept my goal, the querying started today.  I sent out my first round of emails to agents and I’m prepping more as we speak to go out later this week.

This is nerve-racking, and I have a headache.  I keep bouncing between thinking, “I’ve got this!” and “I must be crazy!”  But I’m so glad to be getting “out there” no matter how this turns out.

Excuse me while I got bite off all of my fingernails…

New Goal

I wanted to be querying by now, but my revisions are taking longer than I thought.  I decided to work with a critique partner for my final edits, just to make sure I don’t have huge errors somewhere (by way of typos or plot holes).  This slowed things down quite a bit, but I think it will be worth it in the end.  We’ve finished critiquing each others work and now I have a list to go through and tweak…THEN I’ll be ready to go…hopefully.  LOL!

So my new goal is to have this ready in one week.  That’s right, in one week I want to start sending out query letters.  I already have a list of agents I want to contact.

So I’m done with this blog post…because one week isn’t much time and I need to get to work! :P