Okay, so I thought I was done with my last round of edits on my first book, but after putting it through a contest I decided to take some of the comments I received and give it one more polish and shine (which is funny, because no one saw my entire book, only the first 250 words plus my query letter).

So far I’ve decreased the word count by 3,000 words and eliminated seven chapters, and I still have a third of the book left to edit.  I also cleaned up a bunch of scenes so the story keeps flowing and changed one minor thing that I think will improve a major plot point.

I still haven’t queried it, but my goal is to finish these revisions by July 1st, which shouldn’t be a problem, along with my query letter and book synopsis and start querying then.  I’m eager to get on with it…a) because I’ll never know if it’s any good unless I get it out there and b) because I have other projects I’m dying to work on, but I can’t get to them until I finish this (I don’t want it hanging over my head).

I’m still having fun, too.  That’s the cool part.


Blog Transition

I started this blog as a personal blog, but since then it’s morphed into a writing blog.  I’ve decided to embrace that and make a few changes in my set-up to reflect that.  It won’t be anything major, I’ve kept things pretty simple around here.  As you can see, I’ve updated my header image and slightly changed the title/blog description.  I also added a new page a week or so ago with my writing projects listed on it.  Over the next week I’m going to update my “About” page.  That’s about it.  Other than that, everything else will stay the same, the majority of my posts will revolve around my writing and reading.