It’s All About Waiting…

While I appreciate the enthusiasm of my non-writer friends, they don’t understand just how long this querying business takes.  Once the letters are sent out, there’s nothing left to do but wait (and work on other projects, but that’s a post for another time).

I hate waiting as much as anyone, but there’s no rushing this process.  It’s a trial of patience.

Agents get hundreds of query letters a week, they can’t be expected to reply to all of them immediately.  Some of them don’t reply at all unless they’re interested in reading more.  Most of them indicate a wait of as long as eight weeks, if they reply at all.  How do you explain this to a non-writer who hasn’t done the research to know this and can’t understand what’s taking so long?

An update on my query process:  Four form rejections so far.  Yes, it’s disheartening, but I still have hope.  I reworked my query letter and sent it to an agent who promises a personal response, so if I’m doing something wrong, hopefully they will help enlighten me.  If not, the only thing I can do is keep trying and waiting until I find just the right agent.