An Unexpected Request

My fourth novel is pretty much query ready.  I decided to take a chance and participate in a Twitter pitch thing to test the waters.  Lo and behold, an agency expressed interest in seeing my query.

I sent it off and waited, honestly thinking, “It’s just the very first query, best not to get my hopes up.”  I’m used to rejection, it’s what I expected.

Imagine my shock when they asked to see the full manuscript.  That’s right, a full freakin’ manuscript request!  Woot, woot!  I took some time to celebrate my first request ever.

Don’t worry, I’ve clunked back down to earth pretty hard now.  I sent the full manuscript out, now I can only wait.  This could take months.  So I sent out a few more queries to continue testing the waters.  Then I got some long-awaited feedback from a few stray readers and my ego is in the toilet.  One reader I appreciate very much because she is honest and will tell me what she really thinks instead of lame feedback like, “Yeah…it was good.”  That’s not useful.  Her feedback is helpful, but also hard to take.  I tried to prepare for it, I knew it was coming, but it’s still painful when someone pans your baby.  It’s not that she hated it, but she didn’t say much about what she actually liked.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the best readers give you good feedback about what does work, equally alongside what doesn’t.  Finding that happy medium is hard, not many know how to do this.  So the feedback made me freeze up.  I don’t know what to do with it right so I set it aside to consider for later.

Now I’m just worried my manuscript wasn’t as ready for querying as I’d thought.  Too late now, it’s in the hands of any agent.  And honestly, I can’t make it better just yet, so maybe it’s good as it can be at this particular time?

Worrying gets me nowhere, this is why I’m going to start plotting a new WIP while I work on revisions for another manuscript.  Always stay busy, that’s the writer’s secret to dealing with all this waiting. *nods*


What’s Up?

I’m getting lazy with my blog…but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m a terrible blogger.  That is all.

This is just a little update on what I’ve been up to:

The first manuscript I tried querying has really gone nowhere.  After revising the query letter and sample pages twice, I’m still only getting form rejections from agents, or silence.  I have a few outstanding query letters I’m waiting to hear from, but I haven’t sent any new submissions out because I think it might be time to shelve the book for a while.  This doesn’t mean I’m trashing it, I think I just need some time to figure out exactly what about it  isn’t working for people.  Right  now I don’t know what that is.  Depressing, yes, but not completely unexpected because, after all, it’s my first book.  Most writers don’t get a deal with their first book (I just hoped I might be one of the lucky ones, LOL!  And, honestly, if I didn’t at least try I would have never known what might have happened so I don’t regret putting it out there).

My second completed manuscript is still in a serious state of editing.  After giving it to a few readers, I realized a few major things weren’t working so after tearing it apart (not literally) I’m slowly piecing it back together.  I’m also changing it from a young adult novel to middle grade, which is actually the easy part since the story’s plot was already more middle grade-ish.  So, I’m knee deep in those edits and will probably be in this phase with this book for a while.  Hopefully this effort will produce something better than I had originally.  One can hope.

My third complete manuscript is shelved for the time being, since it’s the sequel to the second one.

My fourth completed manuscript is the one which I’ll probably query next.  I think my experience writing the previous three made this one come out much smoother from the get-go.  I’ve given it one very thorough edit and then another pretty good revision after a critique partner read it.  Right now I have it out with seven beta readers and I’m waiting for their feedback before I complete my final edits and start querying it.    I’ve heard from two of them, and their reactions have been very positive, I just need to hear from the other five.  I already have a working query letter for this one.

So, I’m busy…plus I’d like to start writing a new one sometime this year if I can fit that in.  I’m just glad I’m still getting new ideas for books to write.