Time Guardian

Age Group/Genre: Young Adult Romance with Sci-fi elements
Word Count: 78,000 (approximate)
First Draft:  September 2013-November 2013
Status: Revised, queried…currently shelved

Becoming a Time Guardian overwhelms sixteen-year-old Avery Littleton when she’s expected to catch time criminals.

Since graduating from Clockwork Academy, Avery can’t wait to get her hands dirty fixing time pieces and earn the rank of master. She thinks joining the Time Guardians is a logical way to gain credentials. To prove she understands and commits to their purpose, they send her on a hunt of scientific discovery. Determined to show she’s up to the task, Avery struggles with their complex theories about how criminals use clockworks to erase people from time, but school didn’t exactly prepare her for this.

Avery tries not to get distracted by her handsome co-worker, Toby, who shares her passion for everything that ticks. He helps her figure out the Time Guardian’s information but doesn’t really believe in their cause. Avery wonders if he’s right, maybe she’s worried about time crimes for nothing.

When she stumbles upon a strange device and its suspicious owner, all the Time Guardian purposes start to make sense. Avery must decide what she really believes, but facing the suspected criminal could get her wiped out from time itself.

TIME GUARDIAN is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.



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