The Mystic Road (Trilogy)

Title:  THE MYSTIC ROAD (book #1)
Age Group/Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy
Word Count:  60,000 (approximate)
First Draft:  June 2012-September 2012 (although I started it many years ago and never finished, the majority of it was written in 2012)
Status:  Revising

Kayla lives a meager existence as a neglected and abused outcast.  When a magical safe road opens after ten years of dormancy, she sees it as a means to escape her tormentors.

The road takes Kayla to the capital city and a school of magic where, to her surprise, she passes an exam with flying colors and earns the position of Mystic apprentice along with eleven others.  For the first time, Kayla has a home where she feels safe, and a skill at which she excels.

Kayla begins to hear a strange voice attempting to lure her away from school, into a mountain cave where she can learn “real magic”.  After discovering the owner of the voice abducted many Mystics over the years, she fights to shut the voice out.  The school leaders are unresponsive when a fellow apprentice goes mysteriously missing and downplay the fact that Kayla is inundated with disturbing nightmares and visions day and night.  She decides she has no choice but to face the assailant head on, or give in to the voice’s demands and risk becoming the next in a long line of missing Mystics never to be seen again.


Title:  THE SOURCE CRYSTAL (book #2)
Age Group/Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy
Word Count:  99,000 (approximate)
First Draft:  February 2013-May 2013
Status:  Revised once, currently shelved


Title:  THE TRIAL (book #3)
Age Group/Genre:  Middle Grade fantasy
Word Count:  0
This book is currently in the planning stages and will remain there for a while


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