The Believer

Age Group/Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy
Word Count:  71,000 (approximate)
First draft:  February 2012-May 2012
Queried from July 2013-May 2014
Status:  Revised from YA to MG, word count reduced by 11K, still revising…

Nobody likes being hit in the butt with a magic spell.


Sixteen-year-old Syndle Baxter’s had it to the top of her frizzy red hair with everyone on The Isle assuming she’s only good for target practice.  She knows she should be a good little Believer–the label Wizards use for those who can’t wield any magic–and suffer the injustice with a shut-mouthed smile like her parents taught her.


But try explaining that to her smarting backside.


Only William, her friend and secret crush, knows Syndle’s equal to any Wizard and asks her to help him find his missing mentor.  He welcomes Syndle into his Wizard’s world with open arms.  She’d rather be in his arms, but that’s another complicated fact of life on The Isle–Wizards and Believers don’t mingle that way.  Instead, she speaks out against unfair Believer treatment, while facing an onslaught of public outrage and family shame. 


Syndle discovers the disappearance of William’s mentor is just the first act in a secret plot to enslave The Isle’s entire population, Wizards and Believers alike.  Now she can prove her non-magical skills–courage, love, and a will that burns as bright as her flaming hair–are enough to accomplish anything, but only if she survives the conflict.


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