Becoming Emily

Age Group/Genre:  Young Adult Contemporary
Word Count:  Unknown (all I have is a physical copy, but I know it’s 50,000+)
First draft:  Unknown (I’m guessing I wrote it around 2000)
Status:  Never edited, no one else will ever see this book

I recently unearthed my first ever novel and decided to add it to my list of writing because it was a milestone. I wrote it to prove to myself that I could write a full length novel, the goal was 50,000+ words, which I achieved. Because of this book, when I got serious about writing books more than ten years later, I knew I could do it.

This book is really pretty bad. Lots of telling. Why too much info dumping, especially at the beginning. Pretty lame characters. Its original title was even bad (I never edited the book, but I did change the title, which isn’t great, but trust me, it’s way better than the first title). That said, finding it and reading again told me an important thing: I’ve come a long way. I thought this book was lost forever and I was glad, but I’m actually glad I found it and I have no intention of throwing it away. There may be aspects of this book, scenes/ideas, I might use in future stories.

Basic Plot: Emily, a shy nobody at her high school befriends Alan, a popular basketball player during their senior year. As their friendship blossoms, Emily finds courage to become something more than she ever thought she could before.