Writing Reflections 2013, Goals 2014

I looked back at the goals I made for 2013 and I’m proud to say that I accomplished them all!

  • Two new manuscripts written:  check
  • Started querying for my first:  check
  • Regular exercise routine:  check

My highs and lows for 2013 are closely connected.  I was thrilled to begin querying, so when I finally finished my query letter and sent it out, it was exciting.  The disappointment came when I didn’t get any bites on that letter.  Not even a nibble.  To put it in perspective, I only sent out the letter to 27 agents, so it’s not a huge amount and there are plenty more agents I can attempt to contact.  However, late in 2013, I stopped querying because I felt like my letter wasn’t working.  I mean, my expectation was that I’d at least get a single partial request from that round of letters, but I didn’t even get that.  Any number of things could be wrong, but revising the letter (and possibly the novel as well) will need doing before I continue.

Enter my goals for 2014…specifically my writing goals:

  • Continue querying my first manuscript after making changes to the letter and looking through my manuscript again for ways to improve it.
  • Revise my other two manuscripts (I’ve already started that) and get them ready for querying.  If the first one flops, I can shelve it temporarily and try with one of the other two.  I’d like to have at least one of them ready to query in the spring and the other ready by the end of the year, or sooner  if I work hard.
  • Complete at least one new manuscript.  This actually isn’t high on my list of priorities, but if I can fit it in that would be nice.  I completed two last year, which was great, but I need to spend my time this year focusing on revising and editing because I’d like to improve my skills in this area.

I also kept a writing journal during all of 2013.  This worked great for me, helping me keep track of my progress and stay focused on what I needed to get done.  I completely filled a Moleskine notebook, so I asked for some new ones for Christmas, which I got, so I can keep up this habit.

Exercise is on my  list of goals as well.  A regular routine indirectly helps my writing efforts.  I did well last year keeping up a regular schedule and I’d like to continue doing so for 2014.


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