My Mom Nailed It

While talking to my Mom on the phone earlier today I told her about the difficulties of trying to write a query letter (yes, I’m still working on it…it’s so not easy).

I said, “It was easier to write a 91,000 word book than this 250 word letter about my book.”

Her reply.  “You wrote the book for fun, the query letter is more like an assignment and that’s never fun.”

She’s so dang smart!  I’m glad we’re related.  Lol!

But she’s right.  This letter is homework.  It’s a sales pitch.  It’s not fun.  And that makes it hard…and a huge pain in the butt.

I’ve written about ten drafts of the dumb thing and it still needs a lot of work.  At least I think I have the right idea now.


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