The Query Letter

I’ve decided that the art of writing a query letter is a special torture designed to make want-to-be authors question their very existence on this planet, as well as getting them to feel like crappy writers.

I worked on one a few months ago, then set it aside because my novel needed more revision.  I’ve got it back out again.  I’ve rewritten it.  I still want to scream.  How do you reasonably sum up a full length novel in about three sentences?  Yeah, I don’t know either.

Add that to the fact that I have no prior publishing experience, or writing credentials, and now I feel like a complete twit.


I’ll get there, it just might kill me first.  Maybe then my novel can be published posthumously?  Kidding…kidding…

Another problem I’m having is deciding exactly which age group my novel is best suited for.  The subject matter and actual plot suggest middle grade reader.  The ages of the main characters (16 and 18) and the word count (approx. 91,000 words) are better suited for young adult.  Right now I’m pitching it as “upper middle grade”.  Hopefully that’s acceptable.

In better news, my current project has 36,000 words after working on it for about a month.  I write a little every day and I’m making steady progress.


2 responses to “The Query Letter

  1. I feel the same way about resumes and cover letters. How do you sum up your entire adult working life into a couple sentences, or a few bullet points? Seriously? I haven’t attempted a query letter yet, so I’m imagining the same sort of frustration as that.

    Glad that your current project is coming along well though 😀

    • Yes, all of that stuff is so frustrating. I’ve never had to do a cover letter, but I remember pulling my hair out over my resume. Ugh. It’s the same way with this query letter. However…I spent all day yesterday doing research and tweaking things. I think I finally managed to come up with something that doesn’t make me want to bury my head in the sand, so that’s a start. I joined a writing forum where I can post it for critique, because I really need that and I don’t know where else to get help with this. I don’t want to query anybody until someone else has taken a look at it. When I get brave enough I will post the query and see what the others think of it.

      And thank you! My current project has been a lot of fun to work on so far. Gotta love that. 😉

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