Final Revision Stage…I Think…

Manuscript #1 is in the final stages of revision, I think…I hope.  I don’t want this to be the never ending project that I’m constantly tinkering with, my attention span isn’t that long.  Besides, I have another finished manuscript on my table and another story (the sequel for #2) already begging to be written down.  I can’t allow myself to be caught up in endless revision.  I also have ideas for at least two more stories but those will have to wait because I also don’t want to get caught in the trap of starting something I can’t finish.

I finally got all of my copies back from my readers…except one (more on that in a sec).  I had four final readers, two finished the job and gave me back some very helpful suggestions and ideas to work on.  The third reader begged me to read it, then got cold feet or something, decided not to read it, and gave it back to me.  I found another reader for that one (a 15 year old girl, right in my target audience), and she did an amazing job so the fact that the first reader bailed on me turned out to be fine in the end.  The fourth reader…well, she said she’d get it back to me by the end of September.  It’s October 13th and I’m still waiting.  I hate to get pushy and annoying because I know she’s got a life but I wish I could just get it back already.  I really can’t wait anymore so I’ve already started doing revisions without her feedback, which I realize will minimize her feedback when I finally do get it back but what else can I do?  She majored in creative writing so I really want whatever she has to offer me.  Well, we’ll see if I ever get it back.

So, this leads me to my final revisions.  I’m reworking the beginning and it’s mostly done, it still needs some fine tuning.  One other chapter needs rewriting, which shouldn’t be too hard, I don’t need to change the information, just the way I’m telling that bit of story.  It’s currently only about two pages and I don’t see my rewrite being much longer so it’s not much.  The rest of it, in my opinion, just needs a bit of polishing and then…

Well, that’s the real challenge then, isn’t it?  Once it’s done to my satisfaction, then what?  I want to try and get it published.  I have several friends, who have read it, encouraging me to do so.  This scares me a little.  I know that sounds silly but it does.  I’m not scared of being rejected, I think I’m scared that I might be completely crazy to think I could possibly write something that might be publish worthy.  That sounds dumb, I know, but there you are.

Be that as it may, I can’t let my own dumb fears and insecurities stop me from trying.  I keep telling myself I’ll never know what can be if I don’t try.  The  idea of writing query letters makes me super nervous but that’s the next logical step I see in this process.  Yes…scary…


2 responses to “Final Revision Stage…I Think…

  1. Give it a try, it sounds scary of course, but aren’t most of the best things in life? It’s that initial going out on a limb which is the scary part, once you’re out there, even if you’re still scared than you’re already there so you may as well keep going. You sound like you got this writing things going pretty well so far, what’s the harm in trying? 😀 I envy your ability to finish a story! I haven’t truly finished one since high school (which is admittedly quite a while ago D: ).

    • I’m definitely going to go for it, I have nothing to lose, everything to gain even by just making the attempt. My biggest weakness has always been my lack of confidence…but I’m aware of this and I have been working on building myself up. I tell myself everyday “I can do this”, and I mean it. Plus I’ve done all this work, the only failure I can see is by not seeing this through to the end, even if I get rejected. The funny thing is I feel a lot more comfortable writing a full length novel than a simple query letter. 😛 I think that’s going to be a struggle…but at least I can see the humor in it.

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