The Reader…part 2

Just a short addendum to my last post regarding those who read for a writer (this time a few points for the writer):

  1. Try to be patient while you wait for your readers to read.
  2. It’s okay to ask about their progress, ask for updates, and to give them a reasonable deadline if it’s taking too long.
  3. Some feedback is worth waiting for!  If you rush it’ll you’ll never get it.

So, my manuscript is out to three readers who have been taking their time getting back to me about it.  I know they have lives, but two months waiting for them to read a book that can reasonably be read in a few days is a bit much.  I sent them each a little note asking them to please wrap it up by the end of September so I could have their feedback when I start working on my revisions again, letting them all know their thoughts were valuable to me and having it would help me out a lot.  I heard back from two of them.  One of them is working on hard edits for me (which I didn’t ask her to do, she is doing this by choice) so I’m cool with it taking a little longer because her input will be amazing.  The second one finished her reading and called me last night to discuss it.  Her enthusiasm for my project was overwhelming.  While she had some definite criticisms on things she thought I should fix (no surprise there) she really loved it and went on and on about how I need to keep doing this and not give up (not that I have any intention of giving up, she just wanted to encourage me to get it out there as soon as possible).  I am elated and re-energized to really make this story work and that I’m not crazy for wanting to try and get it published someday.  It was a bit agonizing waiting to hear her thoughts, but it was worth the wait to get the positive feedback and very helpful suggestions.

My third reader…well, I’ll probably have to bother him a little more… 😛


2 responses to “The Reader…part 2

  1. I agree that it would be hard to wait. I’m a very prompt person by nature, and less than understanding, no matter how hard I try, when others aren’t as committed to being on time. To me, it’s a simple courtesy. For something as heavy emotionally as a manuscript … I don’t think I’d have waited two months to hear back from them, lol. I’m glad you finally got some feedback 🙂

    • You sound exactly like me, Amanda! I don’t like being late, and I’m not highly tolerant of others who are late (especially those who are chronically slow). And it’s worse when it has to do with something I wrote because, like you said, it’s emotional for me but not necessarily to those I’m waiting on. But the feedback I got was amazing, I’m still excited about it so I keep telling myself that being patient pays off (but I did have to push a little to get the feedback sooner rather than later, lol).

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