First Day of School

The first day of school is tomorrow…that means one thing for me: I can get my routine back (haha).

Summer is nice, I like having my kids home so we can hang and do things.  It’s also nice to throw the routine out every once in a while and be spontaneous, but the routine has to come back for me eventually or I feel like I’m getting nothing done.

So, I’m anticipating spending the next week or so putting that routine back together and I want it to include:

  • Daily writing time
  • Daily workout time
  • Occasional errand time (groceries, dr. appointments, etc)
  • Cleaning/task time (boo…but it has to be done)

I function best with a plan, few distractions, little/no stress.  The routine and knowing what’s going to happen reduces my stress level, which is a must (me stressed is not a good thing, I avoid it at all costs).

I have a few goals to go along with getting my routine back in order like finishing the rough draft of manuscript #2 (by the end of September), finalizing my revisions on manuscript #1 by the end of the year, and getting a good workout routine back that’s challenging and effective.  My other plan is to clean up the master bedroom and make it look nicer…since in theory the room should be a special place and right now I can’t stand looking at it.

Sounds busy, yes, but I like having things to do.


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