Movie Review and Progress Update

I took my three kids to go see The Lorax yesterday.  I was looking forward to seeing this movie because The Lorax has always been my favorite Dr. Seuss book with a great message.  Sadly, the movie did a poor job living up to the spirit of the book.

First of all, The Lorax is a musical.  Or maybe not an outright musical, but is full of musical numbers that are highly cheesy and really pretty bad.  In fact, the movie immediately begins with a musical number, during which I couldn’t help thinking, “Please kill me now.”  It was that bad.  What’s even more ridiculous is that Taylor Swift is cast as one of the vocal talents, but she doesn’t sing a word.  I’m not saying she could have saved the bad songs, but you’d think the movie creators would have taken more advantage of the talent available.

Secondly, Dr. Seuss’s simple message became lost in visual extravagance.  Everything about this movie was just overdone and it was just too much.

On the plus side, the animation was fun, the vocal talent was good, and when they weren’t singing it was actually tolerable to watch.  As expected, the story from the original book had to be expanded in order to make sense as a full length feature film, and the story itself was pretty good.  It flowed, made sense, and stayed true to the vision of the book.  However, the ending reminded me quite forcefully of Wall-E, I don’t think it gives to much away to say that it involves a chase over a small sprouted plant.  It seems to me they could have attempted to be more original, or if they felt the need to repeat ideas used in Wall-E they would have followed Wall-E‘s example and kept it simple.

In the end The Lorax wasn’t terrible, but it’s wasn’t great either.  It does not live up to the hype surrounding it (that shouldn’t come as any surprise to me).  I think it’s impossible not to draw comparisons between this film and Wall-E, the latter coming off as the superior offering.


In other news, I’ve finished moving all of my Quilting Bee pages over to this website.  I’ve also moved up my book list and added to it.  I will continue to periodically add new books as I read them…or remember I’ve read them (haha).

So, all in all, this website is “finished”, as far as I have nothing else to add for now aside from an occasional blog post.  If I find anything worth adding here in time I will.


2 responses to “Movie Review and Progress Update

  1. Oh weird, I didn’t get the impression it was a musical! D: Wow… and that is sad that the message seemed lost. 😦 I really love the original Lorax story!!

    WOOT for finishing moving your website and quilt! I think I might retire from myQA and manually integrate mine into my site like you do. :3

    • Maybe “musical” is too strong a word, there was just a lot more singing and dancing in it then I expected. They didn’t advertise it that way and I thought it was a big distraction on what should (in my opinion) have been a strong simple message. I can save my love for the book! 😉

      I never used QA, even my my old domain. Moving everything over here took forever though and it was a huge pain in the but! 😛 But…it did help me fix a few things and make it neater. Thanks, Melissa! 😀

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