Recent Reads

I’ve read a few good books lately, interestingly enough they are both non-fiction.  I’ll read pretty much anything, but non-fiction is not a common genre for me.  Anyway, here are my thoughts on both:

On Writing by, Stephen King
This is a combination memoir/tips on writing book written by Stephen King.  I thought it was excellent, especially the writing tips, they were all well explained and useful (good for someone like me who has an interest in writing).  This is, in fact, the first full length book by Stephen King I’ve ever read.  I’ve only read a single novella by him in the past.  His style is not really my style, but I liked this book.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by, Aron Ralston
Another memoir, but this time by a less well known person, although you’ve probably heard his story before.  Aron Ralston is famous for cutting off his own hand when he got it stuck by a boulder while hiking in Utah.  This book is about that experience in his own words along with additional details about his other adventures.  Sometimes books like this aren’t particularly well written but this one was pretty good, although a bit slow in the beginning.  I would still recommend it, his story is a good one.


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